Marcia "Marty" Martin

Radio Broadcasting

The 1970s

The High School Years: Sneeker Street

Marty's first radio gig was in 1976 at WABB 97.5 FM in Mobile, Alabama.  She was only 15 years old.

She was an on-air DJ for the "Sneeker Street" program which aired on Sunday evenings.  The program was a cooperative effort between WABB and the Junior Achievement program for high school students.  ("Sneeker" was a pop-culture-influenced, alternate spelling for "sneaker," reflecting the youth of the business leaders of the company-venture.)

The program's mentor was Scott O’Brien (Scott Griffith), who was the coach for the kids learning to be radio announcers, with Lee Stamp, Paul Fuller, Leslie Framm and the HoundDog (Dennis Stacy) also influencing the budding voice talent.  Marty shared the Sneaker Street experience with her friend and former classmate from middle school, Lori DuBose, who, like Marty, went on to become a commercial broadcast veteran and is now manager of WABF-AM in Fairhope.

In 1979, Marty's senior year in high school, she became President of the Sneeker Street business, and that year, they won Junior Achievement's "Company of the Year" award.

The College Years: Razorbacks & Seminoles

After high school, Marty attended the University of Arkansas for a year, where she announced for the University radio station, KUAF/88.9 FM.  It was a “Block Format” but very free-form.  Marty was able to play everything from reggae to rock, with a twist of jazz in between.  She began to hone her ear for blending and mixing music as a volunteer college student staff member.

After a year in Fayetteville, Marty transferred to Florida State University, where she majored in English with an emphasis in creative writing.  While attending classes part-time, she continued to advance her broadcasting career, working at local radio stations.

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