Marcia "Marty" Martin



A familiar voice recording an appointment reminder

Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news

In 2007, while Marty was still doing afternoon drive and night shifts at WHIL (the sale of the station was still four years away), Marty found a whole new market for her voice talent - the automated business communication systems industry.

One of Marty's co-workers at WHIL, Kris Pierce, was also working part-time at TeleVox, a voice messaging services company.  On Kris' recommendation, Marty was hired there as well, to work as a professional voice talent and recordist.  

Marty's mornings were dedicated to voice recordings at TeleVox, while she continued to ride the afternoon and sunset airwaves at WHIL, until the sunset of the station itself in 2011.

Marty still works for Televox to this day, doing voice recordings for doctor's offices and many other types of businesses.

Marty emceeing the Sirens of the Sea Mardi Gras ball (2007)

Emcee & Public Speaking

For over 20 years, Marty emceed annually at the Order of Osiris Mardi Gras Ball, along with local TV news celebrity Darwin Singleton, and occasionally also Kellie Jones (former producer and anchor of  WKRG TV5).  

She has also emceed for other Mardi Gras societies, such as the Sirens of the Sea.

Public speaking engagements include, among others:


Over the span of her career, Marty has had the pleasure of meeting and/or interviewing countless celebrities in radio studios, backstage, and via telephone conversations.  Her interviewees include Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, The Moody Blues, Yes, the Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels, Loretta Lynn, jazz guitarists Michael Hedges and Billy McLaughlin, and many more.