Marcia K. Martin



a single drop of honey

This is a love story, told in the ancient bard tradition — in poetry, with lush imagery and exquisite wordsmithing.

While most books of poetry are collections of writings on many different and often unrelated subjects, “a single drop of honey” reads more like a novella. It chronicles an entire relationship from beginning to end.

Marcia writes of the longing for love (“Dreaming Hope”), of the indescribable joy of meeting one’s soulmate (“Envying Eden”), of the most intense yet innocent passion one can feel (How Does One Transcribe Magic?”), and ultimately of wrenching heartbreak (“The Angel’s Betrayal”). 

These are just a few of the 69 poems that weave the tapestry of this tale.

This book will leave you extraordinarily moved, and breathless at the roller coaster ride that defines those great love affairs that are doomed to implode under the sheer weight of their own rapture.

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A digital/ebook version and an audiobook version will be released in the near future.

Praise for “A Single Drop of Honey”

“This book is a deliciously sensual gift. Read it and fall in love with language all over again.

— J. Warren, author of Stealing Ganymede

“Marcia Martin takes the Universe in hand and holds it to view, connecting us with the beauty, possibility, and mystery that unites us in our common humanity.”

— Sue Walker, Poet Laureate of Alabama,
Stokes Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing

“In this collection, Marcia Martin leads us ‘down the oyster shell driveway’ (‘The Wooden Trumpet’) into a world of mystery and muse, jasmine and jazz. These poems are strong, yet vulnerable, an alluring combination.”

— Sandra Thompson-Gillis, Co-Founder of Angelstone Press
and author of The Moon Someone Cut in Half

“With this meaty collection, Marcia Martin has shown herself to be ‘a woman of substance and form/ that talks back under the sculptor’s hand’ (‘Pablo’s Woman’).”

— Beth Bradley, Co-Founder of Angelstone Press

Fallen From Grace,
Flying With Spirit

This collection of poems was inspired by a troubled path, a fall from grace, and the road to recovery.

Arcana Manifest

(work in progress)

A collection of poetry based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot. 

Poetry published in Anthologies & Collections

Desire for Rain

Published in:

The Mesquite Review, 1997

a single drop of honey, 2000 & 2017


Petal Shower

Published in:

Isosceles, Corazon De Paz Publishing, 1998

a single drop of honey, 2000 & 2017

The Exterminator

Published in:

Negative Capability, Negative Capability Press, 1985

 a single drop of honey, 2000 & 2017

String of Pearls

Published in:

Oktoberfest III: Druid Press Writing Competition, Druid Press, 1987

a single drop of honey, 2000 & 2017 

For Daddy

Glass Storm

After the Glass Storm

Somewhere Near a Rainbow



Cemetery on the Hill

Published in:

A Baker’s Dozen: Contemporary Women Poets of Alabama, Druid Press, 1988

Poetry Readings

Marty has published several books of poetry under her formal name of Marcia Martin.

She specializes in spoken word poetry, and has performed numerous readings of her work, in venues from the Big Apple to the Gulf Coast, and many places in between, such as:

Greenwich Village, New York City

Atlanta, Georgia

Birmingham, Alabama

The Kaleidoscope Festival in Mobile, Alabama

Locations in Mobile, AL have included the Lumberyard, Carpe Diem, Coffee Loft, Satori Coffeehouse, Cathedral Square, Simply Life Learning Center, and others.  

Her most recent poetry reading and book signing was in 2019.  To purchase one of Marcia's books, contact her via the contact page on this site.

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