Marcia "Marty" Martin

Radio Broadcasting

The 1990s

Back to the (Alabama) Coast

In the early 90s, Marty moved back to Mobile yet again, where she came home to her WKRG family and DJ'd on what was known as Coast 100.  Marty worked nights doing the popular “Lights Out on the Coast” request program - a predecessor of the type of programming that would make Delilah a household name.  She went by the name of Marty Raines at that time, at her manager's behest, since Kelley Martin was doing weekdays for the Coast, in order to avoid giving audiences the impression that Marty and Kelley were related.

Ridin' The Wave

In 1992, Marty joined her old BFF from G100, Amy Bishop, who had moved to WAVH-FM/Oldies 96.1, under Program Director Steve Elliott, which broadcast from the Riverview Plaza Business Complex.

Damn! This Traffic Jam!

While working nights at “The Wave,” Marty was also pulling morning shifts as a traffic reporter for Metro Scan on several different local stations, including WKRG-AM’s morning show hosted by Dick Scott, where Marty was known as “Harriet” with the trio known as "Tom, Dick and Harriet."

A Turn to the "Lite"

When The Wave was sold to Clear Channel, Marty went to work on-air, and as Promotions & Public Affairs Director, at WFMI/Lite Mix 106.  The station broadcast from the former Freeman House greasy spoon diner, next to WABB.  Lite Mix followed a soft jazz format palatable to the workplace, pandering to Kenny G and Spyro Gyra fans.

The Day the Music Died

The morning of September 14, 1994, disc jockeys all over the Port City went into collective shock as they came to work finding that the majority of local stations seemed to have been thrown into a food processor overnight and not much was recognizable.  

Not only had 92-ZEW gone black (as in off the air completely), but 106 became an Oldies station, 96FM went from Oldies to Classic Rock, and WGCX Classic Rock went to Country.  Marty seemed to have come full circle and was back to playing oldies as she did in Tallahassee.

Something Old, Something New

At Oldies 106.5 FM, Marty did Morning shows with Tim Rose, a British chap who hung around the Gulf Coast airwaves for a while, along with Robert Gardner and Hot Ron Anthony (formerly of WABB-FM).  At one point, she had an afternoon drive stint with the HoundDog.  

Marty also served as the Promotions Director for the station.

Alabama Radio Network

In the mid-90s, Marty went on to become a news writer and broadcaster for the statewide satellite Alabama Radio Network (ARN) under the direction of Dave Dunwoody.

Writing and Producing in the studio at WMXC (circa 1996)

Back to Brunch

In 1996, Marty returned to the WKRG building on Broadcast Drive once again, as engineer for Catt’s Sunday Jazz Brunch on WMCX/Lite Mix 99.9, and worked swing shifts for the Clear Channel empire.  She also did fill-in announcing and weekends for all of the stations, including WKSJ-FM, WMXC, WNTM, and WRKH. 

Marty was also the Public Service Director for all the Clear Channel stations in Mobile for a time, compiling interviews for and assisting in affairs programs, news reports and public service announcements.

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